Mediumship development book recommendations

psychic mediumship book recommendations

Developing your intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities takes time and practice. It also takes a good deal of knowledge.

When I first began developing mediumship, I took a class at the church I attended to get the basics, and then I spent a lot of time sitting in meditation, either by myself, during church services or development circles, waiting to receive information from Spirit and understand what I was receiving.

Much of what I was taught was to simply relay the messages I received. So I did. I gave messages during circles, I gave message after message at church services as a student medium until I’d delivered enough evidential mediumship that I became certified with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (along with a whole lot of coursework and exams). I didn’t think much about the mechanics of it, how it worked, or how to teach people other than how I was taught.

However, when I began holding development circles myself, both Spirit and my students led me to begin learning the underpinnings of mediumship so that I could explain it. As I continue to teach and write books about mediumship, I continue to learn more and more.

Reading books is a great way to keep learning and to have your knowledge confirmed and affirmed. One of the things I love about reading books about mediumship and intuition by other authors is that they help cement and clarify my own understanding. Sometimes that’s because the words or ideas don’t resonate with me. Other times they do and it’s brilliant to realize that separate people have come to the same realizations and understanding by way of information from Spirit.

No matter where you are in your journey of developing your mediumship, psychic or intuitive skills, continued education can help you, too.

Here are some books I’ve read recently that I’d like to recommend to you.

Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating with the Spirit World

Communicating with the Spirit World

by Konstanza Morning Star

This is one of the most refreshing books about mediumship I’ve read. Perhaps it’s because Konstanza and I come from the same background and teaching as far as the Spiritualist church and mediumship, but reading this book is like coming home to all the things I know about mediumship, how it works and how to start practicing it.

This book is already helping me in my own teaching as it explains concepts that I understood, but haven’t quite been able to convey to my students as clearly as I’d like.

No matter your level of experience with mediumship–from beginner to teacher–this book has clarity and wisdom for you. And, if you are just beginning your journey, it really is a gentle step-by-step guide to help you begin to open up your gifts.

Psychic Abilities for Beginners: Awaken Your Intuitive Senses 

psychic development book recommendationby Melanie Barnum

This is an engaging, well-written book that goes into depth on each of the psychic or intuitive senses: claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance and clairsentience. Through stories, examples and exercises, it’ll teach you how to open up each of these senses.

One of the things I like a lot about this book is that it makes the connection between each of your intuitive or psychic senses and your chakras. This is how I teach mediumship development as well. I also appreciate that it includes clairalience (psychic or intuitive smelling) and clairgustance (psychic or intuitive tasting), which a lot of books about mediumship and psychic development sadly don’t, and yet they’re important and useful senses to develop.

The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages

psychic and spiritual symbols dictionaryby Melanie Barnum

This book is also by Melanie Barnum and is the first book of hers I read while doing research for The Spiritual Symbols Workbook. It’s a great book to use in combination with others about mediumship or psychic development, to better understand the symbols you receive from Spirit.

While it contains definitions for a whole slew of common symbols, Melanie also encourages students to develop their own symbol dictionary, as your meaning for certain symbols may not fit the dictionary definition and she gives you the tools to discern the difference with practical exercises to develop your own intuitive abilities.

Mediumship Mastery: The Mechanics of Receiving Spirit Communications: The Ultimate Guide

mediumship development book recommendationsby Stephen A. Hermann

I haven’t yet read this book, but one of my students tells me good things about it, so I’ve added it to my own to-read list. From the tone of the book’s introduction, it looks like it’ll be a worthwhile read. The author points out that mediumship isn’t about fortune-telling or predicting the future, but rather helping us understand the underlying truths of the universe and our own true nature.

I also like his point that each person learns differently and there’s no one right way to learn mediumship, which is the same approach I take with my students.

(Note: I do use affiliate links for, which means that I receive a very small percentage of whatever amount of money you spend on Amazon after clicking on the link. In terms of overall percentage of my income, it’s not much at all.)

Your recommendations

Have you read any good books on mediumship, psychic or intuitive development lately? If so, let me know in the comments. I’m always up for a good read.

What’s the difference between psychic, intuitive and mediumship information?

psychic energy

Ever wonder what the difference actually is between psychic abilities, intuition and mediumship? Have you read books or studied religions where one is held higher than the others and considered the “better” ability or the only legitimate one?

In my background, Spiritualism, mediumship is lauded as the best thing of all. Psychic abilities (and psychic fairs and any tools used by psychics, such as tarot cards or pendulums) are much maligned. I always found that a little strange. And when I see or read about one person, philosophy or religion putting down other forms of connection with Spirit and energy, it’s usually because they’re trying so hard to prove their own legitimacy that they put down everything else that seems similar.

Here’s what I think.

It’s all information.

Whether you connect with psychic, intuitive or mediumistic energy, it’s all information. It’s information on different levels about different things. But one is not necessarily better than the other. It all depends on what you ask for and how it’s used. When I work with people, I tend to use all of the information I can access to paint a complete picture.

When I work with people, I tend to use all of the information I can access to paint a complete picture. Because I ask for their highest and best good, I know that, no matter that source of the information, it’s OK to receive it and use it. Plus, we’re all connected anyway. We’re all One energy, from the same source.

This is how I differentiate and classify the different types of information: psychic, intuitive and mediumship.

Psychic information

I think of psychic information as the stuff related to our everyday lives. That can be our jobs, houses, relationships, families and the cares and concerns of our physical lives. Psychic information comes from the person’s aura and the energy that’s close around and within their body. For me, it often feels heavier or denser. Some people would describe it as vibrating at a lower frequency.

For me, it often feels heavier or denser. Some people would describe it as vibrating at a lower frequency. But that’s nothing to be concerned about, as long as you know that’s what you’re picking up. It can be very helpful to know what is going on in someone’s mind and emotions, what they’re spending their time and energy thinking about and feeling. It’s good and useful information.

Intuitive information

Intuition is a connection with the higher self. When I ask for and receive intuitive information, it goes beyond everyday concerns and gets to the truth of the situation. Intuitive information is always for your highest path.

So, if I’m helping someone with a relationship issue, for example, I may be able to psychically pick up information on the state of the relationship and the dynamics going on between the people, which can be helpful in getting the lay of the land. And then I ask, intuitively (and I teach people how to do this for themselves as well) about the state of the relationship, the dynamics involved and the way forward. This gives me information about the person’s highest path and what is the true story — what’s really going on beneath the surface layers of emotion.

Intuition will give you information for the next steps forward so you can live your highest purpose in life.

Information from mediumship

Mediumship is a connection with people who are in Spirit and no longer in physical form. So information from mediumship, comes from Spirit and those in Spirit.

Some of the information from folks in Spirit, and the way you connect in with them, can come through psychic energy and connection with the person you’re reading. For instance, if you’re doing a reading for someone who wants to connect in with their mom, when they ask you to connect in with mom, or give you a photo of her or something she owned, that object or request has psychic energy that you can use to connect to the frequency of the person in Spirit. So even in mediumship, psychic information has its uses.

When you get information from friends and loved ones in Spirit, that information can pertain to any aspect of life. It can cover the same ground as psychic and intuitive information: jobs, relationships, houses, daily life, illness and wellness, and walking your highest path and meeting your potential.

That’s how I view and classify these different types of information you can receive by connecting with the energy of Infinite Intelligence (which is the energy that makes up every living thing on this planet). If you’ve got a different definition and understanding, I’d love to hear it, so leave a comment.

Are you afraid of using your intuition? Here’s why – and what you can do about it


Are you afraid of what you might get if you connect with your intuition? Or what might happen in your life if you follow the information you receive from it?

If so, you’re not alone.

It’s actually quite common for people to worry about following their intuitive urges and these fears can even stop you from tuning in and listening to your inner wisdom. Here are some of the reasons I’ve discovered, on my own journey and in my course of working with people, and what you can do about the fears and resistance that comes up.

You’re afraid of what you’ll get

Listening to what feels like a new source of information might seem scary because you don’t know what kind of information you’re going to get.

What’s your intuition going to tell you? I don’t know, specifically, what information you’ll receive from your own intuition, but I do know this: it’s going to be for your highest good. Your inner/higher/divine self (call it what feels best to you) wants only the best for you. It wants you to live the best, happiest, most fulfilled life you can. So the information you get is only and always going to be for your highest good.

Also, consider this, if you’re not listening to your intuition, how’s the information you’ve been receiving and using to make decisions in your life working for you right now? Do you want better? Do you want to feel clearer, more connected and engaged with life? Consider listening to your intuition.

You’re afraid people will think you’re crazy

The desire to fit in with the people around you is a strong one — it’s a biological drive meant to keep you alive and ensure the continuation of the species. if you find you don’t want to stand out from the crowd, well, that’s totally normal.

But listening to your intuition doesn’t mean that you have to dye your hair purple and hang out your shingle for intuitive readings. (Although you can if you want to. It seems to be working OK for me.) Your intuition is called your “still, quiet voice” for a reason. It’s not flamboyant. Instead, it’s often fairly quiet. It comes to you in nudges and urges, pushes and pulls into or away from situations, opportunities, people and places. It’s a quiet knowing. And you can keep it to yourself if you want to.

You don’t have to be loud about it. If your intuition tells you to move across the country, or apply for a job in the want ads, or walk up to someone and start a conversation, you don’t have to explain yourself. If anyone asks what caused you to do something that changes your life, you can just say, “It felt like the right thing to do.” You don’t have to name it intuition if you don’t want to.

You’re afraid of how it might change your life

About that big move you’ve been considering, or that job change, or that relationship that you know isn’t really right for you… Yeah, listening to, and following, your intuition might change your life. It might mean letting go of something that you know, deep inside, isn’t working for you.

Following your intuition can mean that you release some things. But what fills that space is so much better for you, so much more positive and supportive and wonderful. I’ve found this to be true every time I’ve followed my inner truth and knowing – from the small stuff to the really big stuff (cross-country moves, divorce, you name it).

Change is hard. It’s scary. We fear what we don’t know. If that’s where you are, you’re not alone. But it’s not where you need to stay, if you don’t want to.

Start listening to and following your intuition in small ways in your everyday life. Listen to your body when it comes time to choose food to eat. Listen to your heart when you’re making a decision about something. Go with what feels right for you — not what people tell you that you should do, or what you think society expects from you, or what people in authority tell you to do. Do what you know, what that voice within knows, is the right thing for you.

Try it with the small stuff first. Notice when you think of a friend and then they call you, text you or send you an email. Notice when a billboard or a bumper sticker answers a question you’ve been pondering or asking the universe. Notice the synchronicities and serendipities and slowly feed your intuition, bite by bite, until it grows stronger and stronger.

The more you develop your intuition, the more you’ll learn to trust it, so that, when it comes to the big decisions in your life, you know you’re intution has your back and will always steer you on the path of your highest good.

The secret to connecting with only good: setting your intention

highest good

When I first began studying mediumship in my early 20s, I was afraid of opening up to Spirit.

I figured I had good reason to be. As a child, I was afraid of the dark and of the things I saw that other people didn’t. I remember seeing glowing green eyes in my bedroom at night on more than one occasion and seeing the shadow of someone outside my bedroom door (it was a translucent glass door). For many years, I had an irrational fear of looking at myself in the mirror at night because I was certain I’d see myself as a skeleton.

As I grew older, I realized I was an empath and picked up other people’s emotions and thoughts. I’d be in an old building and get hit with the energy of the people who’d been there before like a scene out of a movie, especially if a highly emotional event took place. Or I’d buy used clothing and wear it without washing it first and pick up on the emotional energy of the people who’d owned it previously. Those were some messy and uncomfortable experiences. I eventually learned to shield myself and filter what came in, but it was an energy-consuming process.

So, while I wanted to understand and develop my gifts, I wasn’t big on the idea of opening myself up to more communication from Spirit if I didn’t know what it was that was going to come through.

The unknown can be scary.

Fortunately, one of the first things I learned right at the beginning of my mediumship develoment is something that solved my problem and took away all fear.

Set your intention: Ask for your highest and best good.

Whenever you meditate and open yourself up to communication from Spirit, ask for your highest good, and only that, to come through.

The result: no bogeymen, no dark spirits, nothing that can harm you or scare you can come through to you.

It sounds almost too simple, but it works.

When you set your intention, what you’re doing is setting your boundaries. (You can read more about boundaries here.) And, when you work with energy, it has to follow your word and your intention. So if you say, “Only my highest good, please,” then that’s all that come in. Your word is law.

What I love about this approach is that it doesn’t take energy to maintain, it’s absolute, and it allows you to feel safe and comfortable in opening up to Spirit. Because, if you know that you’ll receive only good, then you can relax and begin to trust the experience.

Trust is a huge part of developing your intuitive and mediumship abilities — trusting your connection with Spirit, trusting yourself and trusting in the process of unfolding.

So take a deep breath and set your intention to receive your highest good, knowing it means that everything you get from Spirit will be from the light and will come through love. You are safe, you are loved, and all is well.

7 tips for staying grounded in uncertain times

finding your path

For anyone who’s sensitive — to energy, to emotions, to the vibe of the world — these last few months have been pretty rough. When you’re an empath and you absorb the energy and emotions of the people around you, it can be easy to get swept away in a tide of feeling, or feel static-y and unfocused.

You can’t always change what’s going on in your external life — how the people around you act, what decisions your government officials make or what stressful events happen. But you can take charge of how you respond to it. Realize that a lot of the emotional overwhelm you feel isn’t really yours. It may be triggering your emotions, but much of it doesn’t actually come from you. If you can sense someone’s mood or energy by looking at their picture, getting a text or receiving an email, you’re empathic and picking up their emotional energy. Multiple that by all the people you connect with via social media and it can easily knock you off your emotional center.

The earlier you notice that you’re being affected by the energy of the people around you, the easier it is to maintain your stability and center. Here are some of the things you might be feeling if you’re taking an empathic hit that’s bigger than you can deal with:

  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling edgy
  • Feeling cranky
  • Feeling wired, but unfocused
  • Feeling compelled to keep reading news or checking social media
  • Having difficulty sleeping or getting going in the morning
  • Using distractions such as alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs to numb yourself

Any of those sound familiar?

If so, it’s OK. There are things you can do to help yourself get centered again and feeling better.

Go for a walk

Often, when you feel overwhelmed, you become stuck. So put on some shoes and get outside. Walk. It doesn’t have to be fast or far, but the forward movement of your body changes things inside your brain. It helps you release stuck thoughts and emotion.

Walking is a great way to ground yourself and to let go of emotional baggage that isn’t yours.

Take a shower

The shower is a great place to meditate. Let the warm water flow over you, really feel yourself in your body, and release everything that isn’t yours and doesn’t serve you. Breathe. Let your mind relax. Enjoy the sensation of the water on your skin.

Consciously release it to Spirit

When I realize I’m taking on the emotions of the world, especially the ones that go down the road of fear and anxiety, I take a step back for a moment and acknowledge what’s happening. Then I say, “Hey, Spirit, if it’s not mine, I don’t want it.”

I let it go. I let it release from me.

Spend time in nature

You might be able to combine this with going for a walk. If not, go outside and hug a tree. Sit in your yard or local park and connect with nature. Trees are an excellent way to ground out energy and reconnect with the Earth. Their roots go deep into the Earth and their branches raise up into the sky. Plus, trees can handle whatever you’ve got to give them.

If you’re not much of a tree hugger, then connect in with the energy of the plants around you.


Whatever form of meditation works for you, do it. Spend some time, however much you can give it, in meditation. It’ll help you get grounded and centered and connected to your inner self and Spirit. Whether you prefer mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, channeling meditation, meditation where you go up and out of your body to connect with Spirit, meditation where you bring the presence of Spirit into your own body, it doesn’t matter. It’ll help.

Even if you’re feeling too anxious or off-center to meditate, give yourself the grace of one minute. Here’s what you do:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe in, filling your lungs, allowing your chest to expand. In your head, count 1.
  • Breathe out. Allow your chest and stomach to move back towards your spine. In your head, count 2.
  • Breathe in again. Let your breath fill your entire abdomen. In your head, count 3.
  • Breathe out. Exhale. Count 4.
  • Inhale, 5.
  • Exhale, 6.
  • Inhale, 7.
  • Exhale, 8.
  • Inhale 9.
  • Exhale 10.

Open your eyes. You’re done. You gave yourself 1 minute of presence and allowed your fight, flight or freeze response to calm down a notch, you lowered your blood pressure and reduced your heart rate.

Repeat as needed.

Reach out to people

Humans are social creatures. We need others.

When my husband was going through the end of his last relationship, we spent a lot of time talking and afterward, he’d tell me, “You make me feel human again.” What he meant was that our human connection helped him feel grounded and heard, it brought him back into the present and helped him focus on how he felt and what steps he could take to feel in control of his life again.

Find the people in your life that help you feel human (even as you’re a spiritual being having a human experience) and reach out to them. Do that physically, in person, if you can. Hug them. Go for a walk. Talk. Have tea (I’m English, it’s always tea for me). Let yourself be reminded that you’re not alone.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is an essential thing. Do what you can to ensure you get as many hours of uninterrupted sleep as you need each night.

I realize there are many reasons this isn’t always a doable thing (being a parent of young children, for instance). But do what you can. Allow yourself to rest.


Remember that self-care isn’t selfish. You must take care of yourself in order to be here, in this body, and function in this life. Without that, you can’t share the gifts you’ve brought into this lifetime. And we need your gifts, your love, your sensitivity now, as much as ever before.

How to know if a sign or symbol is from Spirit

spiritual signs and symbols

One of the questions I’m asked most often in terms of symbols and signs from Spirit is: How do you know if it’s real or if it’s your imagination?

There are two markers I’ve found that come into play when a symbol is from Spirit: repetition and a feeling of divine connection.


If there is a symbol that you see multiple times, especially when you think of a specific loved one or situation, then that’s a sign from Spirit. Sometimes it can be obvious: you’ve been thinking about learning a new skill or taking a class and two different people mention that skill and then you happen to read an article about it as well, all within days of each other.’

A feeling of connection with the divine

The other marker is a feeling of divine connection. There’s a feeling that happens within you when a certain symbol comes into your experience that only happens when the symbol is from Spirit. For instance, my mother often comes through with the symbol of a rose—either in the form of a physical rose or the scent of one. However, I see roses all the time. I probably see dozens of roses every single day—there are several bushes growing in my garden, plus all the ones I drive by in the car or see on TV as well as a silk arrangement I have on my piano. But I don’t think of my mother or feel her energy every time I walk down my front walk to the car. At certain times, my attention will be drawn to a certain rose, or I’ll get a waft of rose scent on the air and, at the same time, I will think of her, see her smile or feel her warmth and love. That’s when it’s a true connection with Spirit.

Most of all, trust yourself. Trust your intuition and your inner knowing. If it feels like a connection, then it is.

Excerpted from Led by Light: How to develop your mediumship abilities, Book 1, by Rev. Joanna Bartlett.

How to cleanse the energy in your home

Smudging with sage

Whenever the energy in your home starts to feel heavy or uncomfortable, it’s time to give your space a good cleansing.

That’s not the only time that cleansing can helpful, though. Other times to cleanse your space include:

  • Whenever you move into a new space, whether it’s a new house or office
  • Someone moves in or out of the space
  • After an illness
  • After you buy an antique or secondhand item
  • After cleaning up or decluttering

Cleansing dissipates the residual energy left behind by other people, and can even release your own emotional static.

Your cleansing tools

Cleansing isn’t difficult or complicated. And you only need a few tools to do it. You can use a sage smudge stick, palo santo or sweetgrass. You can also use Tibetan chimes, a singing bowl or a recording of high vibration music.

Cleansing with sage, sweetgrass or palo santo

Light the end of the sage smudge stick, sweet grass braid or stick of palo santo and allow it to burn just long enough to get it lit. Then blow it out and allow it to smoke. Hold a dish or plate (or abalone shell) underneath it as you walk around your space, allowing smoke to go into each corner of each room. I also open up closets, go behind the shower curtain and allow the cleansing smoke to go in every nook and cranny.

I say a prayer or blessing for the space as I do this, asking for the highest and best good for the space and its occupants.

I also like to go around the windows and doors, with the intent of creating protection for the space, knowing that only those who are of good intent can enter.

If there are areas of the space where the energy feels stuck or especially heavy, you may notice the smudge stick, braid or palo santo begin to sputter or even go out entirely. If that happens, relight it, blow on it (watch for sparks!) and ask for the energy to release. You can also send love energy out as well to help dissipate anything that’s stuck or hanging on, or visualize white light filling the space.

Cleansing with sound

I also like to use Tibetan chimes as a way of raising and clearing the vibration. These high frequency sounds also dissipate negative or stuck energy.

Walk around the space, ringing the chimes and allowing the sound waves to penetrate all the corners of each room. Open up the closet and cupboard doors, get in all the areas of your home or office.

If you don’t have chimes, you can play a singing bowl or even play high vibration music or beat a drum.

Setting your intent

The action of the smudge stick or sound is an important part of the cleansing process. So is your intent. Know that, when you ask Spirit for your highest good, that’s exactly what you get, and only that.

You can begin by smudging yourself with sage, sweetgrass or palo santo smoke. You can either do this yourself or ask a friend to cleanse you. Allow the smoke to go in front of you, behind you, to the right and left of you, above and below you. You may also want to repeat this prayer:

A Smudging Prayer

May my hands be cleansed, that they create beautiful things.

May my feet be cleansed, that they might take you where you most need to be.

May my heart be cleansed, that I might hear its messages clearly.

May my throat be cleansed, that I might speak rightly when words are needed.

May my eyes be cleansed, that I might see the signs and wonders of the world.

May I and this space be washed clean by the smoke of these fragrant plants.

And may that same smoke carry our prayers, spiraling, to the heavens.

Then you’ll be ready to go around your space. As you ask for your home or office to be cleared of heavy or negative energy, know that is what is happening.

I find cleansing rituals to be calm and energizing. You’ll feel better afterward and the space in which you live and work will feel better, quieter and more vibrant as well.

How to deal with ghosts in your house

haunted house

Do you ever feel like there’s a Spirit presence in your house? Are there areas of your home that your kids or animals avoid, especially at night?

Sometimes folks in Spirit do hang around the homes of people they aren’t related to. There are several reasons for this, but they’re all related to the desire to communicate with us in the physical world and to fully transition into Spirit and find peace.

Earthbound spirits

Sometimes, when people die, they aren’t able to transition fully into Spirit. This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • They were very attached to this life, especially if they are parents of young children
  • They were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they died
  • They were of a generally lower vibration in this life
  • They died violently

People get stuck between the earth plane and Spirit world because they don’t realize that they can come back and connect with people here once they have fully transitioned into Spirit. This is due to confusion and fear.

Other spirits

People who have properly transitioned into Spirit can also come to visit, even if they’re not your family. This can happen if they have unfinished business of some kind, or a message they want to get across, but don’t know how to communicate with their loved one directly (or that loved one is in such a state of grief they’re not able to get through).

You’re like a lightbulb

If you’re sensing Spirit in your home, it’s because you have the gift of mediumship to a greater or lesser extent. You are, essentially, a lightbulb, shining brightly. Folks in Spirit are attracted to the light. We’re all trying to move upwards in our vibration whether we know it or not, and people in Spirit are no different.

Spirit comes to your home because they see your light. I imagine it like a bright light above your house, essentially telling people in Spirit: You can be heard here. It’s a beacon.

Dealing with ghosts

Whatever you want to call them, ghosts, earthbound spirits, or just spirits, there are things you can do to deal with them in your house, especially if you find the experience unpleasant.

Learn how to turn off your light

When it comes to being open to communication from Spirit, you have free will. You don’t have to let people in Spirit or earthbound spirits talk to you if you don’t want to hear from them. You can learn how to intentionally open and close yourself to communication from Spirit in my book, Led by Light, how to develop your intuitive mediumship abilities.

Knowing how to close yourself to communication from Spirit doesn’t mean you’re not a medium anymore or won’t ever receive information. It gives you control on receiving communication when and how you want to.

Help them transition into Spirit

If you feel that there’s an earthbound spirit in your home, you can help them transition into Spirit. (More on how to do this in a future blog post.) Essentially, you send them love.

Do you remember the TV series, Ghost Whisperer? It’s a lot like that, although without the visual effects. The light of Spirit doesn’t visibly shine down into your living room but, on an energetic level, that’s what happens.

Cleanse your home

You can also cleanse the energy in your home and raise its vibration while protecting your space and claiming it as your own.

Get a smudge stick and go around your home (with it lit), going into each corner of each room, saying a blessing or prayer asking for your home to be protected and filled with light energy.

You can also ring chimes, such as Tibetan chimes, bells or play a crystal bowl, to raise the vibration in each room. If you don’t have chimes or bells, you can use an audio recording.

Ask them to leave

It’s your home, you decide who lives there and hangs out in it. Do you let people you don’t like come over and hang out and bother you? Hopefully not. You get to do the same with the energy in your home.

Set your boundaries. Ask for your highest good and only that. You have more power than you realize.

Ask for help

If it feels like the above methods just aren’t quite working for you, call on your Spirit guides for help. You can also call on a professional medium or intuitive for help. I occasionally perform home cleansings and help people fully transition into Spirit when they’re stuck in people’s’ homes. Due to the individual nature of such home visits, you’ll need to get in touch with me directly (rather than book a session through my website).

Here’s the most important takeaway: even if there’s an energy around your home that feels negative or uncomfortable, know that that being wants to be at peace and is simply trying to get there in the way that they know how. They’re trying to get your attention. And you’re ultimately in control of your experience.

Loving kindness meditation

loving kindness meditation

One of the things I really like about loving kindness meditation is its practice of compassion. You need compassion—for others and for yourself.

Sit in your usual meditation posture. Take three deep breaths, fully inhaling and exhaling. If you like, you can let out your exhales with a big sigh, an audible “aahhhhh!”

Allow your heart center to open. You can do this by visualizing warm white or pink light enveloping the area around your chest, seeping in and energizing your heart. Or you can think of a loved one or anything that makes your heart come alive: a pile of puppies with big eyes playing together, a child in a meadow of flowers, whatever works for you.

Visualize yourself. You can see yourself as a baby or young child or as you are today, however you’re able to hold an image of yourself with compassion.

Now say this mantra (in your head or aloud):

May I be filled with lovingkindness

May I be healthy and well

May I be safe in all ways

May I be happy and at ease

Hold the feeling of love and compassion for yourself for a few breaths. You can repeat the mantra several times if you want or you can move on.

Now picture someone you love and are close to. Bring the feeling of them into your heart and mind and hold them there.

Say the mantra with them in mind:

May you be filled with lovingkindness

May you be healthy and well

May you be safe in all ways

May you be happy and at ease

Now bring to mind someone you feel neutral about, perhaps someone you don’t know all that well, such as your mail carrier or the person who rings up your groceries at the store.

Visualize them and hold them in your heart and repeat the mantra again:

May you be filled with lovingkindness

May you be healthy and well

May you be safe in all ways

May you be happy and at ease

Next, bring to your mind and heart someone you dislike or have a difficult relationship with, either in the past or present. It’s OK if it feels difficult to hold them in a loving way and to repeat the mantra for them. Allow yourself to experience the feelings of discomfort you feel.

Repeat the mantra to them:

May you be filled with lovingkindness

May you be healthy and well

May you be safe in all ways

May you be happy and at ease

Now move your awareness to your whole family as well as your neighborhood and/or local community. Include yourself as well and say the mantra again:

May we be filled with lovingkindness

May we be healthy and well

May we be safe in all ways

May we be happy and at ease

Finally, zoom out in your consciousness and envelope the entire globe in your mind’s eye, holding the Earth in your heart and repeat the mantra one last time:

May we be filled with lovingkindness

May we be healthy and well

May we be safe in all ways

May we be happy and at ease


Here’s a shorthand version of who you picture in each mantra:

  • Yourself
  • An easy, loving relationship
  • A neutral relationship
  • A difficult relationship
  • Your neighborhood/community
  • The world

Excerpted from Led by Light: How to develop your mediumship abilities, Book 1, by Rev. Joanna Bartlett.

How can you prepare for a great reading?

getting a good psychic reading

So you’ve decided to schedule an intuitive mediumship session. You’re excited/nervous/terrified/overjoyed (pick one) to be about to connect with loved ones in Spirit and guidance for your highest good. You want it to go well. You want it to be worth your time, money and energy.

Is there anything you can do to help that happen? It turns out, there is. Especially if you’re getting a reading with me. I’ve written about tips for a successful reading before, but here are some more.

Sleep well the night before

If you take care of yourself and are well-rested and feeling good, it’s easier for me to connect in with Spirit and your higher self. Your vibration is higher and clearer and there’s less work for me to do on my part to bridge the gap between where you are and what’s going on with you and the connection with Spirit.

I don’t mind working hard, but the reason this is helpful for your reading is because it helps me get clearer and more precise information for you.

Know what you want

I offer a variety of information during intuitive mediumship readings. It’s helpful to know what you’re looking for. Do you want information on your career, relationship, kids, or moving house or town or state? Do you want to know about your spiritual path and to connect with your guides? Do you want to talk to loved ones in Spirit? I can connect with information from Spirit in all of these areas, so it’s helpful to know what you’re looking for.

Come prepared

If there are certain people you want to connect with in Spirit, decide beforehand and let me know. This is helpful for a number of reasons. First, before you arrive, I connect in with your energy and get a sense of who’s around you (and let them know if they want to come through they need to get their act together and be prepared to show up). If you already know who you want to talk to, then you and me both putting it out there is more likely to get their attention.

Secondly, if you don’t have anyone in mind, I’m going to bring through whoever is loudest and has something to say. That may not be someone you want to hear from. Or not who you want to hear from the most. So while I’m picking up on your sister, for example, you’re sitting there thinking, “Where’s my Dad? I want to hear from my Dad?” That means you miss out on the message you’re getting from your sister.

Knowing who you want to connect with and telling me doesn’t guarantee a connection. But it usually happens.

Make a list

Similarly, if there are issues in your life you’d like to receive guidance on, write them down. It may sound weird to have a list of questions that you come in with, but it’s helpful for me to focus in on what’s most important to you.

I’ve had readings where I’ve gone down a long list of questions, taking care of each item in turn, based on the intuitive energy and information I connect with.

I always ask to receive information for your highest and best good. And what I get may be for your highest good — but it may not be something you’re even considering right now at this point in your life. I want my readings to be helpful and useful to you in your life. I want you to be able to take away something you can work with and act on if needed.

Also, don’t be embarrassed or wonder if what you want to know about is weird. I’ve been asked to bring through information on pretty much everything at this point. My readings are safe, sacred, non-judgmental spaces.

Talk to me

I think of readings as a conversation between you, me and Spirit. Chime in. Offer information and confirmation if it feels right to do so. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand. It not only helps connect the energy circuit, but it allows me to know if I’m on the right track or if I need to get more from Spirit to give you clearer information.

I go into each reading asking to be an open medium for you, in sincerity and honesty. While occasionally I have clients who want me to prove something to them — the existence of life after death, that I can connect with a specific loved one, that I can accurately predict the future — I’m not in this to prove anything to anyone. My goal is to help you, through Spirit, to the best of my ability.

Take notes

You’re welcome to take notes during your reading. You can even record it if you’d like. This helps you remember things later that you’d otherwise forget. It’s hard to remember everything someone says for 30 to 60 minutes. I can cover a lot of ground in that time.

Having notes or a recording also gives you time to recall a loved one in Spirit you didn’t quite figure out during the reading itself or for the meaning of messages or symbols to become clear. There may be information that comes through during your reading that doesn’t make sense at the time that will either come to pass or somehow show up in your life a few days or even weeks later.

Be open

Readings are supposed to feel good and be useful. Sometimes you cry, and that’s OK, too. The more open you can be to the experience, the easier it is for me to bring through useful information for you.

My goal is always to help you on your path in life. That’s what I think mediumship and intuition are here for — to bring us healing, to connect us with our divine self and with Spirit, and to help us move forward in our lives.